Notizie dall’ICE dall’8 al 15 luglio 2023

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Condividiamo alcune notizie provenienti dagli Uffici Esteri dell’ICE.


(ICE) – ROMA, 13 LUG – The government on Wednesday imposed restrictions on imports of certain gold jewellery and articles. In a notification, the directorate general of foreign trade (DGFT) amended the import policy for unstudded jewellery made of gold, and other articles made of gold to “restricted” from “free”.

Restrictions mean that a license will be required from the government to import these goods though no such permission is required for imports under the India-UAE Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) tariff rate quota.

“However, import under a valid India-UAE CEPA TRQ shall be permitted freely without any import license,” the DGFT said.

Industry sources said that the restrictions have been imposed in light of a rise in imports from Indonesia under the India-ASEAN free trade agreement wherein some articles of gold were coming duty free and being melted in India to make jewellery.

In April-May FY24, India imported $112.09 million of these products of which $76.28 million came from Indonesia.

Gold imports attract 15% duty.

Imports of pearls, precious and semi-precious stones dipped 25.36% to about $4 billion during April-May this fiscal. Gold imports contracted around 40% to $4.7 billion in the same period.

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(ICE) – ROMA, 13 LUG – The Indonesian government is set to test a one-stop event licensing system by the end of July 2023, with trials taking place in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Medan, Bandung, and Banyuwangi. The system aims to reduce the administrative process for event permits and improve the capitalization of events. The system is being developed by a consortium of Perum Peruri, Telkom, and Bank Mandiri and is expected to be used for trials by the end of July 2023. The government’s discourse on developing such a system stems from industry players’ complaints about the complexity of the permit processing process. The one-door licensing system will allow industry players to upload administrative documents online on one platform, and the payment method will be packaged in a non-cash manner.

The capitalization of around 3,000 events is expected to reach IDR 350 trillion. The General Chairperson of the Association of Indonesian Exhibition Companies, Hosea Andreas Runkat, believes that the system is beneficial for promoters because they can manage permits in one place and control and oversee the implementation of events that are not feasible. However, he doubts the system’s ability to overcome problems in the field. The government’s efforts to provide a one-stop event licensing system should be appreciated, but the supervision of field practices during preparation and the day of the event should be criticized. The government’s capacity to run the one-door event licensing system is also being questioned as the gap between the upper and lower classes widens.

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(ICE) – ROMA, 10 LUG – According to Sumed Prasongpongchai, director of the National Gem and Jewelry Research and Development Institute (GIT), a public organisation under the Commerce Ministry, globally, jewellery export markets have shown both increases and decreases, with Hong Kong up by 143.29%, Japan by 5.40%, Italy by 49.16%, the United Arab Emirates by 44.58%, and Singapore by 91.36%. The US market fell by 6.70%, Germany by 17.06%, the UK by 18.82%, and Switzerland by 7.67%, with India experiencing the largest decrease of 68.79%. Broken down by segments, gold jewellery exports increased by 33.95%, platinum jewelry by 34.48%, gemstones by 25.86%, cut/polished hard gemstones by 80.83%, cut/polished soft gemstones by 140.45%, and raw diamonds by 39.26%. However, silver accessories decreased by 18.65%, cut/polished diamonds by 35.49% and costume jewellery by 14.93%. Sumed added that the export trend is still influenced by the overall global economic slowdown, particularly in the US, the Eurozone, China and Japan. (ICE BANGKOK)

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